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Artificial Grass Cutter: Best Tool for Cutting Artificial Grass


Artificial grass is in high demand and we do not see that going away any time soon. As we have grown our hardscaping business and look for add-on services to offer our clients more value while adding to our bottom line, artificial grass installation has become one of those services that we have added to our repertoire. Not only is it added value to our clients, but we do not require many more tools in our toolbox that we did not already have with our hardscape installation. And it compliments our hardscapes so well.

With an increase in demand for this service, we are always looking for tools to pick up to increase our efficiency with installs while maintaining or exceeding the quality of our end product. The more efficient we can be with our installs, the more projects we can fit into our schedule, and the more money we can make towards growing our business. A lot of tools that save a lot of time cost a lot of money. However, every once in a while we find out about a tool that does not cost a lot of money but saves a lot of time in our installs. In this case, we are talking about a tool for cutting artificial turf.



Artificial Grass Cutter

Having the right tools in your toolbox will help you to improve your efficiency and end product that is delivered to your client. As we continue to grow in the hardscape industry and add new services, we learn new tricks to the installation of these services and tools that will help us in the installation process. Cutting artificial turf can be a slow process when doing it by hand with a blade and is how we started. Now, thanks to social media, we have learned better ways to be able to cut artificial grass using the tools below. These tools are not typical tools that any hardscaper would have on hand at any time, but they are tools that you should have when you decide to get into the artificial turf installation game.


Knife for Cutting Artificial Grass

If you just need a blade to be able to cut straight lines efficiently, this tool is going to blaze through straight line cuts in your artificial turf installs. This tool is quite simple in its use by simply starting at a edge and placing the bottom plate of the tool underneath the turf with the blade lined up with your cutting line and simply pushing forward along your cut line. This works great for cutting those straight line cuts in your turf or for cutting the fringe off of the turf before your installation.

It never hurts to have on hand a serrated knife or another knife that is meant for cutting artificial grass. This will allow for more flexibility in cutting beyond straight lines or cleaning up cuts. For example when cutting curved seams in your artificial turf, you will require a more flexible cutting tool that allows you to manually cut tighter curves. This is where having a knife on hand during your artificial turf install is going to be beneficial.


Best Tool for Cutting Artificial Turf

It is always easier to use a mechanical tool to do the work for you. This fabric cutter is the tool you need in your toolbox when it comes to installing artificial turf. It is going to make cutting your artificial grass a breeze and save you time as well as money in your installs. It works like a charm and cuts smoothly into the artificial turf rolls for straight or wide bending curves.

It is an electric fabric cutter rated for thin fabric to leather up to 1″ in thickness, but it works great for cutting artificial turf. Simply plug it in and have an extension cord handy to be able to get those clean cuts on your artificial turf installs. It never hurts to have something like a knife on hand meant for artificial turf if ever needed, but this tool is a must have for the long run.

We are always after the most efficient tools in our business. Time is money and if we can save time then we can make more money with the time that we have in a season. Sometimes those tools that save the most time are extremely expensive and require ongoing maintenance. This is one of those tools that is rare to find. Not only is it inexpensive, but it is going to save a lot of time with every artificial turf installation while also providing a quality end result.

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