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Artificial Grass Power Brush: Best Tool for Installation and Maintenance

We are much quicker to invest into the right tools for the job. Tools that will save us time and money on a project by reducing the labor in the installation and maintenance of any project. Once you try these tools out, there is no going back. We are not interested in spending time on parts of a project that we do not enjoy. Sweeping is an especially tedious and unenjoyable step of any project. Whether that is cleaning up or installing infill material in an artificial grass installation, having a power broom for artificial grass is a must-have for those installing or maintaining artificial turf.



Artificial Grass Brush

When installing the infill material, brushing the grass fibers upright, or even cleaning the area of dirt and debris that is especially accumulated in the fall time, having the right broom is important to the final look of the project.

Over time with traffic, the artificial turf will become matted down. Every once in a while to maintain the optimal look of the grass, you will need to brush up the fibers of the grass or even top up the infill material to be able to keep the look and feel of your artificial turf. When the grass is matted down, it will show off a shiny appearance as the sun is shining directly down on the flat strand of the fibers rather than directly down onto the grass fibers. This is why the grass needs infill to stabilize the grass fibers and a broom to be able to push the fibers upwards to reduce the shiny appearance, provide a natural look to the turf, and keep a satisfying feel to the grass.

Additionally, artificial turf can become dirty or filled with debris and need to be cleaned. Though often times when dirty, this can be solved with a quick washing using water to remove any dirt and material. There are times, especially in the fall, when a sweeping or blowing of debris that got stuck on the artificial turf is required. Having a broom will help in this cleaning, especially if the debris is stuck in the fibers of the grass when a leaf blower may not be able to remove this material.

If you are getting into installing artificial turf, are already installing it, or looking to maintain it for clients, then having the right tools in your toolbox to be able to offer this service is important to the quality of work that you produce. Not to mention improving your efficiency when installing or maintaining it.

Having the right brush or broom for artificial turf is going to make the installation and maintenance of the infill for artificial grass a breeze and provide you with the best end product or your client. In the past we have used a stiff bristle broom in order to install the infill material, to allow the grass fibers to stand upright, and to clean debris from the fibers of the grass. But as we grew our business, we have decided to invest in tools that will make us faster and more efficient with the installation and maintenance of the artificial grass. These tools help us to reduce the labor involved in these installations, helping us to save more time and money.

Here are our choices of brooms for artificial grass installation and maintenance.


Artificial Grass Broom

First step for anyone starting out is to have a stiff bristle broom to be able to install the infill material into the artificial grass. Having the right push broom for artificial grass can be very cost effective. However, this is not the most efficient use of labor when installing or maintaining artificial grass.

When opting for an artificial turf brush, we would opt for a powered unit now as we can use it in several applications in our business and it helps save us in labor during the installation of artificial turf.


Power Broom for Artificial Grass

Power brooms have become increasingly popular as various manufacturers have introduced attachments for their battery or gas powered systems that allow users to interchange which attachment they need for their application. These manufacturers have made it easy for professionals to have one tool with various attachments without having the need to have a variety of tools specific to one use. This is true for having a power broom.

These power brooms save us time and money on a job site and can be used beyond just the artificial turf install and maintenance. They have become a must to have in our business, though it took us too long to purchase one of these. Sweeping is the worst part of any installation or clean up portion of a project. It is especially tedious and not enjoyable use of time. But with a power broom, we can let the tool do the work which will save us on our labor.

Having a power broom for artificial turf is important for speeding up the installs of infill material while also brushing the fibers of the artificial grass upwards as most manufacturers products have the fibers pointing in the same direction. A power broom will reduce the amount of labor needed to accomplish this during the installation phase of the project. Still it is essential to not overuse the power broom and to spread the infill material in a larger area out of the bag before beginning to sweep it in.

These can be difficult to control on artificial turf and can require a lot of energy from the user based on the weight that these are. This is primarily because the operator is not letting it completely rest the entire weight of the unit onto the artificial turf surface to avoid having the aggressive bristles of the power broom from wearing down the fibers of the artificial grass. There is an easy solution to make this easier on the operator. Simply flipping these upside down allows for a much easier install of the infill requiring less energy to control the power broom during the installation.

One thing worth mentioning with any gas powered power broom, and even sometimes battery powered brooms, is that after use they will be hot and should never be rested onto the artificial grass to avoid melting the fibers. If this happens, you will have a big problem on your hands to have to either patch the grass or remove the section and re-install it.

It is also important not to over-broom the surface of the artificial grass. Doing so, especially with the aggressive bristles of a stiff bristle broom or a power broom, will cause the fibers to split or damage them slightly which will cause them to matte quicker than usual. Using a power broom for artificial turf should be used to cut the infill, spreading it evenly, while also pushing the fibers of the grass upwards, and not relied upon too heavily during this process.

Many manufacturers have their own systems and attachments for power brooms. Whether it is battery, gas, or electric powered, there is a choice available that suits your business. If you already have a combination system, opt to purchase the power broom attachment for that system. If not, here are our options that you can look into for an artificial grass power broom.


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