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Best Commercial Wheelbarrow

Whether you are a homeowner or a contractor in need of a wheelbarrow, choosing the right one for your intended use and abuse is difficult. Going to your nearest hardware store and just choosing the most inexpensive one is not the best option otherwise you will be left with the headaches that follow choosing the cheapest make. This includes the quality of material, build, and what it is designed to accomplish.

You will want to take all of these things in to factor when you are choosing your wheelbarrow and what is the best wheelbarrow for you. For example, someone wanting to do some gardening will not need the same wheelbarrow that someone moving several cubic yards of gravel into a backyard. One you may want to have the capacity to carry a lot of material, while the other you will want to have a quality wheelbarrow that will last you through many years of abuse without worrying about the wheelbarrow breaking on you.

In this article we are going to discuss your options for each of these categories and what are the best wheelbarrows for you to choose from in each category.


Best Wheelbarrow_ The Ultimate Buyer's Guide


Best Wheelbarrow on the Market

As we stated above, choosing the right wheelbarrow for you is a matter of understanding first what you want to use it for. Once we know what you want to use your wheelbarrow for, we can decide on other details like the quality of material, capacity, and build.

If you are a homeowner in need of a wheelbarrow in few circumstances throughout the year, perhaps you just need a forever wheelbarrow that will last you without falling apart or needing to replace the tire. Alternatively, maybe you just want a wheelbarrow on a budget. One that will get you through a once per year use when you want to fix up the flower beds.

If you are a contractor in need of a wheelbarrow that will last through the use and abuse that it will be put through. Whether you need a steel wheelbarrow or a solidly-built plastic wheelbarrow that can easily be thrown in the back of your truck, you will want one that is going to not break down on you.

Then there are other circumstances to consider. For example, if you are a homeowner that does not have the physical ability to move heavy objects then you may be more interested in an electric wheelbarrow that will do most of the pushing for you. These can also be just as useful for contractors that want to save their energy while on the job site. Perhaps for a contractor you may be more interested in something with a little bit more power like a gas-powered wheelbarrow.


Choosing the Right Wheelbarrow

Now that we have discussed the different types of wheelbarrows that are on the market for the different uses, we have likely been able to choose the right wheelbarrow for you, let us discuss the best types of wheelbarrows for your use and which we think would be the best wheelbarrow for your use.


  • Best Budget Wheelbarrow

  • Tufx RP6FF 6 cu ft. wheelbarrow

    If you are a homeowner looking for that wheelbarrow that will last you through a one time use per year for fixing up the gardens or smaller tasks throughout the year, then you do not necessarily need the best wheelbarrow on the market. However, do remember that a wheelbarrow on a budget does not mean that it is going to last you forever. Especially when it comes to the tire.

    Tires crack and eventually wear out even when they are not being used. So, if you do not invest in a proper wheelbarrow right off the bat, you may be cursing your past self sometime in the future. Needless to say, this option is not recommended for contractors who are putting their wheelbarrows to good use day in and day out.

    That being said, a good wheelbarrow can be found on a budget.

    TUFX makes a wide range of wheelbarrows for different uses. This particular model is the best choice on a budget for light duty projects and is incredibly light-weight. The wheelbarrow holds six cubic feet up to 300 pounds, is made of plastic, has a steel frame, and has a 15 inch PU Wheel with steel hub.

  • Best Builders Wheelbarrow

  • A steel wheelbarrow can provide the heavy duty wheelbarrow that you may be looking for. With steel, you can feel a little bit more secure dumping larger and sharp stones into the bucket without gouging and scraping the bucket like it would with other plastic buckets. Others also prefer to mix concrete and other materials in steel wheelbarrows.

    The downside is the weight. They can weigh more than double than their plastic counterparts. However, it is a trade-off in what you want to use the wheelbarrow for.

    This Jackson wheelbarrow is made of heavy duty steel from the bucket to the undercarriage, with hardwood handles. It features 6 cubic feet capacity, leg stabilizers that provide more stability than other wheelbarrows, 16 inch tubed tire, and 60 inch heavy duty wood handles.

    Tufx PX120F-X7 6 cu ft. wheelbarrow

    For a plastic wheelbarrow, we recommend TUFX. This is the wheelbarrow that we have in our trucks. It is the one that is the most reliable and long-lasting. It takes a lot of weight dumped in it and carries it on the flat-free tires. The plastic models are super light-weight and can be tossed around with ease. We have never had any problems with these and would have no problem recommending them to anyone.

    Just watch this video to see how much they can be used and abused. It makes the perfect contractor wheelbarrow.

    This wheelbarrow is made of extra thick poly tray with a one piece zinc finish steel frame holding six cubic feet and up to 550 pounds. It also has a 16 inch flat free wheel with wide tread.

    TUFX Wheelbarrow, Best Wheelbarrows

  • Best 2 Wheel Wheelbarrow

  • Two wheel wheelbarrows can be good for balancing a heavy load, but not as good in tight areas and making sharp turns in comparison to a one wheel wheelbarrow. That being said, this can be the perfect wheelbarrow for someone who does not have the strength to balance a heavy load, but still has the strength to be able to pick up a wheelbarrow with a heavy load.

    In my opinion, two wheel wheelbarrows are not as useful in all scenarios so we opt to not carry them in our trucks. We prefer the versatility of the one wheel wheelbarrow. However, they should not be overlooked if you think they would be useful in your scenario.

    This wheelbarrow by Westward is made with steel with a 6 cubic foot capacity, hardwood handles, and two pneumatic wheels that are 16 inches. Trust that this is the two wheel wheelbarrow to get the job done without having to worry about balancing the load you are carrying.

  • Best Electric Wheelbarrow

  • Electric wheelbarrows are the newest on the market. Before they did not provide enough power to accomplish carrying heavy loads where necessary, but now they are powerful enough to assist you in carrying more wherever you need.

    Use the power of electricity to move around without expending your energy throughout a long day whether as a contractor or a homeowner. Though more expensive than a non-electric wheelbarrow, these can be a good choice for a homeowner that is not used to manual labor or for the contractor that wants to save their energy from a hard day of work.

    Either way, a power wheelbarrow is the way to go in the future. Charge the battery at the end of your work day and be prepared to go the very next day with these machines.

    These Power Assist Wheelbarrows can handle up to 200 pounds, 24 Volt batter-operated drive system, and two wheel driving for ease of use. Simply push a button to move forward and reverse control. There is a variable forward speed gear to help you moving loads up inclines of 15 degrees. The bucket is made of plastic, carries six cubic feet, has a steel frame, and 13 inch tires.

  • Best Gas Wheelbarrow

  • Wanting to get more power in your wheelbarrow? This selection is more than likely out of the budget and use for a homeowner and is more than likely only a contractor suggestion.

    Much like the electric wheelbarrow, these provide some power behind your wheels and take a lot of the hard work out of moving a load where you need it to be. The motorized wheelbarrow is the way you need to go as a contractor to save your back and to help you move heavy loads throughout a job site without trouble.

    Enter the gas powered wheelbarrow. Leave it to the power of gas to move your wheelbarrow without putting sweat into it. There is so much upside to using one of these machines on your job site, but let us show you.

    The downside being that they are expensive, cost money to keep them moving, and are heavy and take up space so you will need to have the space to put them and the means to get them out of your vehicle whether it is ramps or a trailer.



    We hope that this list has helped you choose the right wheelbarrow for your project or business. With so many different types of wheelbarrows on the market with all different budgets in mind, it can be difficult to find the right wheelbarrow for you. The one that wont fall apart when you need it most. The one that will be there to always support you when you need it most.

    Whether you are a homeowner or a contractor, this guide will have helped you choose the right wheelbarrow for your intended use and to review the best in each category to make an informed purchase.

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