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Best Double Sided Tape Measure on the Market

If you think that there is not much to a tape measure, that there is not much innovation to be had when it comes to that tool that gets tossed around on a job site, that it just does not get much better than the cheap throwaways that you get season in and season out. Then there is a lot more to think about when deciding on your next tape measure.

We have always had a lot of good luck using our favorite brand of tools, Ox Tools. They make quality hand tools that we have always used almost since the beginning of our business and we have not had problems with them. When it comes to tape measures, they make a pretty good one.

But, there is a tape measure on the market that really caught our eye recently. And I know what you may be saying, it is just a tape measure. This is just a tape measure, but it is also the tape measure that has made minor changes in the design that has made a major impact on our job site. And if a company can do that, then that is a company that we will stand behind.

Best Double Sided Tape Measure on the Market

Best Double Sided Tape Measure

This tape measure is made by Lufkin. They are a U.S. based company that have been specializing in measurement tools since the late 19th century. Today they have a special tape measure on the market that distinguishes itself from the rest in a few aspects. It is in these minor aspects that this tape measure makes a major difference for us on the job site.

From hardscapers to carpenters and contractors of all backgrounds, this measuring tape will likely be useful and interest you.

The design is what makes this tape measure so special. Beginning with the diamond coated hook that will grapple on to objects at a full 360 degrees. The blade on it is extremely easy to read in low light and high light scenarios. It is a matte black finish on the blade with bright measurement markings. In low light situations, the black blade with the bright markings make it easy to read. In high light, the matte finish prevents glare on the blade and makes it extremely easy to read. Not to mention the black blade looks amazing.

One of the best parts of this tape measure is that it is double-sided. This means the measurement markings are on both sides of the tape measure which makes it extremely easy to read your measurement regardless of the side you are measuring from or happen to be able to see when you are measuring. This would prove useful in so many situations and we just cannot think of why we would ever go back to a single sided tape measure ever again.

The blade also has a 14 foot standout range, which means it will extend out 14 feet without it collapsing. This seems to be a little bit better than other tape measures on the market and can prove to be useful on any job site. Whether you are trying to reach the end of what you are trying to measure or you do not want to walk to the end of the object you are measuring, this is a convenient aspect of this tape measure. Another convenient feature is the two way tether hole that allows you to put a nail through it and to be able to scribe a curved area or an arch with ease.

Have you ever dropped your tape measure while working on a job site for it to crack the body or even in some cases shatter completely? With the Lufkin, you do not need to worry about that. Unless you are intentionally trying to destroy it or have the tendency to run over your tape measures with equipment. It is one of the most durable tape measures on the market. It will withstand a 100′ drop as displayed in the video and has been shown to us. The blade still works and everything is accounted for after these drops. The two metal rails that cover the lock button are also nice-to-haves to protect the wear an tear that the lock button will go through on any job site.

Other things that were nice to see with this tape measure that we would expect to see from any tape measure was that the lock button holds the tape firmly in place. There is no movement whatsoever with the blade once that lock button is in position. Not to mention, it also feels good in your palm.


We know that a tape measure is just that…a tape measure. There is not much to them or not much innovation that can come of them. However, Lufkin proved that minor changes in a design can create major benefits to tradesmen of any industry.

There is no doubt that this tape measure will last you longer than your other tape measures, offer you more features than you knew you needed, and stand out from all of the rest on the job site. If you are not trying to break it, it will likely last you as long as you will need it for. Though we have been known to lose ours or leave them in the worst places.

Still, this is the tape measure for our business. One that we will refer people to when looking for their next tape measure. We still love our Ox Tools, but when it comes to tape measures, Lufkin has our heart.

If the black blade does not interest you, then you can still purchase it in the normal color that you would find with any other tape measure as well. Still, we think the black blade is not only a great feature, but it also looks better as well.

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