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Best Landscaping Podcasts That you NEED

podcast for landscapers

“Knowledge is the key to success”. We have all heard this saying a hundred times before. And the reason it gets preached so much is because it is such an accurate statement. Even the most experienced business owner can still utilize new ideas and knowledge to improve their business and become more efficient and profitable. One of the best ways you can learn new things that will benefit you and your business is to listen to what works for other experienced professionals. Podcasts are an incredible medium that gives professionals a platform to teach their peers industry secrets and techniques that can help you develop your entrepreneurial skills.

Finding the Best Podcasts for Landscapers

Podcasts are a great way to get started consuming content during a busy schedule. However, it can be difficult to find the perfect podcast that fits your personality. With an ever-growing list of podcasters, especially in the landscape industry, there is no shortage of podcasts that will inspire you to reach new levels in your business. But how do you find those podcasts? Look no further, we have a list of excellent podcasts here for you!

Why Listen to Podcasts?

Starting off as a hardscaper or landscaper can be a daunting task. You might know a lot about the technical skills of the job but might not know much about another area such as budgeting or marketing. Maybe you’re an industry professional and are just curious as to what your peers are doing. Podcasts give you the opportunity to listen in and gain that knowledge. Podcasts often times can connect you to a community of other hardscapers just like yourself that you can also learn off of and share ideas with. The other huge benefit of podcasts is they are super convenient to listen to. You can listen to them while driving to your job site or in the morning while you are getting ready. If you do not think that podcasts are for you, put one on while you have some free time and see if you learn something new. There is absolutely no harm in giving them a try and potentially adapting them as part of your daily routine.

What Landscape Podcasts to Listen to

Here are some great podcasts that you can start off with that are mainly landscaping and hardscaping related. They are all very well rounded though. All of these podcasts dive deeper and talk about all the factors of owning and operating a business. Most of them even bring in experienced guests to give additional insight encompassing the world of landscaping.

  • Green Industry Podcast

  • Hosted by Paul Jamison, the Green Industry Podcast focuses on helping landscapers and lawn care professionals maximize profitability and efficiency. They also showcase various products and tools to aid their listeners in discovering new ways to improve their business. The Green Industry Podcast often interviews special guests that are industry experts and showcase how to create and maintain a successful business. They release episodes Monday to Friday with an amazing output of five episodes per week so you cannot go wrong with subscribing to this podcast, quite specifically if you are in the lawn care industry. We just wish each episode was longer!

  • Kid Contractor Podcast

  • This podcast looks into the broader contracting business as a whole with a focus on the green industry. Caleb Auman hosts alongside his wife Brittany and talks about his 20 years of experience in the contracting profession. Caleb showcases his successes, mistakes, and everything he has learned along the way with the goal to educate his audience on how to improve your mindset and your business at the same time. Some of the best episodes are when Caleb and Brittany Auman sit down and talk together, but you will definitely find Caleb’s interviews of other landscape professionals just as entertaining. They release episodes Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for an output of three episodes per week.

  • Fullerton Unfiltered

  • Brian Fullerton hosts Fullerton Unfiltered. Brian has had his own lawn care and landscaping business since 2007 and has established himself as an industry leader. He uses his podcast as a platform to teach others how they can build themselves a successful business in the industry as well. He brings on guest speakers and focuses on their journey from starting in the field to how they’ve grown and shaped their business. He also shares his own industry tips and tricks to help bring his audience to “the next level”. Brian’s best episodes feature industry experts that he looks up to and squeezes out value from them to help those just starting out in business or those well on their way. He releases episodes Monday, Wednesday, and Friday as well for an output of three episodes per week.

  • The Mulder Life Podcast

  • In this podcast, Andy Mulder talks about everything landscaping. He has discussions about equipment, business, and his own life experiences. This podcast has a very important focus on the work-life balance and has talks about dealing with burnout and motivation which are excellent topics that do not get as much airtime in most podcasts. It is an excellent podcast for the experienced professional and newcomers as it has great tips on new tools and industry trends as well as talks about life that is applicable to any experience level. Andy engages the audience, taking questions on each episode as this podcast is repurposed content from his Instagram lives that happen most Sunday evenings. You can find this podcast released once a week.

  • Outerspaces

  • Another incredible example of a podcast that covers all things within the realm of outdoor living spaces and contracting. Joshua Gillow’s 25+ years of experience really shows in his episodes as he talks with guests about tips, strategies and successes and shares other important knowledge with his audience. With a focus on mindset, this podcast covers how business owners can get out of their limiting beliefs to explode their business. You can also find this podcast being released once per week.

  • Hardworking Happy Hour

  • The Hardworking Happy Hour podcast focuses more so on the entrepreneurial end of the general trades world. Hosts, Sean and Catherine provide a very informative and knowledgeable look into the operational end of contracting. They talk about topics such as time management and managing client relations among other very key lessons that everyone will need to learn when starting any form of business in the trades. This adds a new flavor to the landscape podcasts on this list as each week they feature a new drink during their Hard Working Happy Hour to enjoy while they record the podcast. You can find this podcast release an episode every Monday.

  • How to Hardscape

  • We also produce our very own podcast. Hosted by Mike Pletz, we delve into the world of hardscaping and keep you updated on industry trends, new technology and tools, and tips on operating a world class hardscaping business. Whether you are just curious about hardscaping or have been in the industry for years, there is lots to learn from our discussions with guest speakers and industry experts. We give a very thorough view of the business and give you the tools to be successful yourself in the hardscaping world. Check us out, you will be surprised what you will learn. This is released every Monday as well.

  • Not Our Finest Hour

  • And if you are looking for something a little more light-hearted, there is the Not Our Finest Hour Podcast. This features Mike Pennington of Paver King, Chad Quenneville of The Landscape Daddy, and Mike Pletz host of the How to Hardscape Podcast in this no holding back podcast with weekly episodes. There is no guarantee of value with this podcast, but some claim to listen for the advice that is sprinkled throughout the nonsense that is discussed on each episode. Take a peak behind the curtain of three landscape business owners and get some laughs along the way with this podcast. You will find an episode drop every Friday with some bonus episodes dropped Saturday’s as well during the Our Even Worse Hour feature.

These are just some of the podcasts that will help you in your hardscaping journey. If you dedicate just a little time of your day and incorporate them into your lifestyle, you are sure to pick up on a few things that will aid in your path to success. Knowledge is a never ending journey and it never hurts to learn a little bit more. It’ll help you in the long run with all aspects of your business if you use these industry leaders’ resources and mix them into your own practices. It is an easy way to grow your business and who knows, maybe one day you will start your own hardscaping podcast to inspire people with your own success stories. There is an amazing community of like minded entrepreneurs out there and these podcasts are an entryway into that world.

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