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Best Way to Remove Rocks from Yard


Having rocks and gravel in your yard following the construction phase of a project can be the most frustrating and difficult thing to remove. Using a rake is messy and pulls up some grass with it. Allocating a person to pick up the rocks is time consuming, tedious, and expensive. However, there are tools on the market that will help you complete this task with ease at the end of each day in your project to ensure that the yard is as spotless as possible throughout the construction phase for your client to come home to.

How to Remove Rocks from Yard

Ensuring that your client comes home to a clean space each and every day is an especially important aspect of every project. You do not want to leave each day in a multi-day or week project a complete mess for the client to come home to. Especially in the excavation and base preparation phase when there is the biggest mess made throughout the days. Keeping the mess down to a minimum will help to show your professionalism on the job site for your client, but the neighbors will also take notice of your cleanliness on the job site which is great for your brand. Taking the time to be able to ensure the job site is clean at the end of each day should not go overlooked. To reduce the amount of time required to clean, you should look at investing into the right tools and equipment to speed that process up.

Rocks in the yard that are left behind by wheelbarrows, shoveling, or machines transporting the gravel to and from the backyard are one such nuisance that happens on any job site. There is no avoiding this. It will happen time and time again. And leaving these rocks in the yard is not a solution. Especially when it comes time to that client mowing their lawn. Those rocks can do some real damage if picked up by the blades and the blame can come back to you for having left those rocks in the yard in the first place. Not only is this a cleanliness factor that reflects your business, but it is also a safety factor.

You can use a rake to consolidate gravel into piles and pick it up to dispose of it or even have someone taking the time to pick up each piece of gravel bit by bit, but both of these solutions are not ideal. They are not efficient and this will cost you money with this inefficiency. In the long run, you will be much better off using that money to purchase the right equipment to remove these rocks from the yard especially when you are likely doing this on a daily basis on any give project.

There is no way around it, whether you are transporting base material from the front yard to the back or preparing the base and it overflows into the yard around the project, there will be gravel in areas that you do not want it to be. Even if you try your best to be as careful as possible which may come at the cost of efficiency, there will be times when someone drops a wheelbarrow, a shovel falls out of someone’s hand, or the machine rocks back and forth with a full bucket over a bump on the way to the backyard and gravel falls into the yard. It is at these times that you want the right equipment to clean this all up.


Tools for Removing Rocks from Yard

The best tool for the job is a paddle attachment for an electric powered broom that allows you to use multiple attachments on. These are extremely flexible pieces of equipment that can be used in your business for numerous different applications. Attachments range from cultivators, edgers, and trimmers, as well as paddle attachments that make it easy to clean up rock from your lawn.

The paddle attachment has 12 durable rubber paddles that help to remove pebbles and sand from grass without damaging the lawn. You can even use this to clear water and light snow from hard surfaces. At two feet wide, these are extremely versatile and incredibly efficient at cleaning rock from yards with little to no effort involved.

This piece of equipment has multiple attachments to choose from that allows you to swap out and use the same power system for numerous uses. In addition to other tools like cultivators, trimmers, and edgers, there is also a power brush that can be used for cleanup of hard surfaces. These brushes will help cleaning up the road or driveway that was used to dump soil, mulch, or gravel to ensure a client has their space completely cleaned of mess each and every day. This system of attachments with the same power source allows you to purchase the right tool for the project and reduce having several pieces of equipment.

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