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Bookkeeping for Contractors Spreadsheet

Bookkeeping Spreadsheet for Contractors


This bookkeeping spreadsheet is designed for construction companies to help them understand the financial health of their business and to ensure that they are analyzing their finances.

This is the same spreadsheet I used in my hardscaping business when I first started, but each year it evolved into what it is today. It is designed to be as straight forward and user-friendly as possible. It is not a high-level bookkeeping software system that is fully automated, rather it is a spreadsheet designed to keep your business financially healthy and to keep you from spending hours working your numbers trying to discover whether or not you are profitable.

Knowing your numbers is incredibly important to the financial success of your business. In my business, I borrow tactics discussed in Mike Michalowicz’s Profit First and Shawn Van Dyke’s Profit First for Contractors.

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There are too many contractors and construction businesses that are operating with ZERO profit. That is right. ZERO. And how can you build a successful business without any money? That is why Mike and Shawn recommend taking profit first in your business to force yourself to charge the money that you deserve to be making with your services. We use this system in our business along with our Business Budget and Estimate Spreadsheet to make sure that we are charging the money necessary to create a business that is successful and that thrives.


This spreadsheet is many years in the making and it is available to you as a one time fee.

The spreadsheet includes:

  1. Job Overview

  2. Use your job names to organize your job revenue and expenses to understand how much money you are earning on each job. This allows you to identify your most profitable jobs and what services you provided that customer.

  3. Revenue Tracking

  4. See what services are bringing in the most revenue into your business by categorizing where your revenue comes from when inputting it into the spreadsheet. This will allow you to analyze your revenue on a monthly basis filtered by the service.

  5. Expense Tracking

  6. See where your money is going in your business on a month-by-month basis and how you can cut back your expenses to save more money to become more profitable.

  7. Profit and Loss Statement

  8. The profit and loss statement is automatically generated based on the revenue and expenses that are inputted. You have the ability to see the health of your business on a month-by-month basis and to see the revenue generated against the expenses paid.

  9. Accounts

  10. Organize your bank accounts and where the money is going once it has been collected. Ensure that you are withholding taxes in a separate bank account so that those funds are not touched.

  11. Vendor and Customer Relationship Manager

  12. Organize information about your customers and vendors to know how much money is on account and unpaid with each vendor and how much money has been paid, as well as any other vital information that you want to input.

  13. How-To Videos

  14. Our How-To series of videos will help you understand the spreadsheet further, as well as what all of these terms mean and how they affect your business’ financial well-being.

Note: Hiring a bookkeeper and accountant to ensure that you are financially responsible in your business is important.



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Bookkeeping Spreadsheet for Contractors



Full Bookkeeping Spreadsheet 

Fully Customizable to Your Business' Needs

Job Overview Screen Shows Profitability on Each Job

Profit and Loss Statement is Completely Automated

Expense Tracking to Know Where Your Money is Going

Income Tracking to Understand What Services are Making the Most Money

Organize Your Bank Accounts

Bookkeeping Spreadsheet for Contractors


Budget and Estimate Spreadsheet




Full Bookkeeping Spreadsheet 

Budget and Estimate Spreadsheet

Advanced estimating template

Input your business numbers and automatically create a budget

Budget automatically calculates amount included in each estimate

Ensures you are calculating and knowing your numbers properly

Estimate, Cost of Sale, Material Catalogue, Labor Time, Production Rates, Labor Costs, Employees, Overhead Expenses, Business Operations, Job Costing

Grows and customizes to your business


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?

This bookkeeping spreadsheet was created for my hardscaping business, though it can be adapted for any construction contractor / service based business. This is for the business owner that is not ready or willing to invest a monthly cost that comes with software that will do what this spreadsheet can do for you. Nonetheless, hiring a bookkeeper and accountant to ensure that you are financially responsible in your business is important.

What is included?

This is a spreadsheet that is delivered in an Excel format which can then be adapted into a Google Sheet to allow you to access it wherever you have internet access. The spreadsheet allows you to input your revenue and expenses along with several other points that will help you organize your revenue and expenses and to evaluate where your business can grow, how it is earning the most profitable revenue, and how you can reduce your expenses.

What is not included?

This is a one-time flat fee rate for this spreadsheet and not a monthly software subscription. We cannot offer 24/7 support, though our How-To video series will help set up and use the spreadsheet and we are happy to answer any questions you may have. The spreadsheet does not include the ability to run payroll, automate expenses with receipts, or to automatically do your taxes. If you are looking for more functionality than what this spreadsheet offers, you may be more interested in a software that will charge you monthly.

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