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Business Budget and Estimate Spreadsheet

Contractors Budgeting and Estimate Spreadsheet

IMPORTANT: We have developed the Budget and Estimate Spreadsheet into a software with additional features. If you prefer to operate with a software, check out the Headquarters Software.

This spreadsheet will help you to manage and control your business financials while ensuring that you are recovering your costs of doing business and earn money to continue to grow your business.

When I first started my hardscaping business, I did not know what an overhead cost was or how to factor them into my estimate. I added up my material cost and closed my eyes walking through each part of the project and guessed how long it would take me at each stage to come to my labor cost. Though it seemed to work for me, it was time consuming and I did not know if this was covering my costs of doing business or not.

There was no formula to this process and it could not be repeated by any one else in my business. I knew I needed to create something that I could hire somebody to take over and simply create estimates without training them on my madness. It had to be a system that was simple. That is why over the years I have developed this spreadsheet to make sure that I am tracking my overhead expenses and factoring them into each job, that I know I am recovering my labor costs, that I am taking a salary, and that I know my business is earning a profit while charging appropriately for my material cost.


This spreadsheet is many years in the making and it is available to you as a one time fee.

The spreadsheet includes:

  1. Overhead Expenses

  2. Input all of your Overhead Expenses by following our set expenses and add your own as your business grows. From equipment and tools to the costs of doing business, we cover it all on our Overhead Expense page of our spreadsheet.

  3. Employees and Labor Costs

  4. On our Employees page, you can input all of your salary and hourly wage earning employee’s information to be able to factor them into each of your projects to recover their earnings.

  5. Production Rates and Labor Time

  6. Input your production rates to be able to simply estimate a project based on how fast you have completed the same tasks in the past. This spreadsheet does not include a production rate tracker. Using these production rates, you can calculate how long it will take you to complete this project and the spreadsheet will automatically fill in the hours for your crew and calculate what you should be charging for your labor on the specific project you are estimating for. On the Labor Costs page, you will see that final number based on what hourly employees you assign to the project.

  7. Materials and Cost of Sale

  8. On the Materials page you can add the materials and their costs so that you can simply add them to any job on the Cost of Sale page to calculate how much the materials will cost you on the project.

  9. Estimate Totals

  10. With information completed regarding the length of your season, you will be provided with the final total of the project you just estimated for. On this final page, you can adjust different profit and labor burden percentages, as well as the taxes, to provide the final estimate number for the specific job that you are estimating for.

  11. Job Costing

  12. Just as important as knowing your numbers when you are calculating estimates to send out to your customers is comparing that estimate to how the project actually went and adjusting your estimation process from there. This is called job costing and is an important accounting method to businesses that send out project-based estimate work.

  13. How-To Videos

  14. Our How-To series of videos will help you understand the spreadsheet further, as well as what all of these terms mean and how they are factored into your estimates.


Update 2.0

Our first update is now released featuring an updated Job Costing tab that pulls information directly from the Bookkeeping Spreadsheet. A Sales Quote, Work Order, and Sales Order that pulls information from the quoting process to create each of these files to then be sent off to clients, workers, or your supplier easily. A Budget tab that pulls information directly from the Bookkeeping Spreadsheet to analyze information from the previous budgeted year, the actual numbers, and to set a sales target or the next year. A Cost Analysis tab that allows you to compare owning vs renting equipment and delivery vs picking up items from your supplier.



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Basic estimating template

Labor, material costs, overhead expenses, and profit

Requires you know how to calculate your numbers




Excel spreadsheet - 9 tabs

Advanced estimating template

Input your business numbers and automatically create a budget

Budget automatically calculates amount included in each estimate

Ensures you are calculating and knowing your numbers properly

Estimate, Cost of Sale, Material Catalogue, Labor Time, Production Rates, Labor Costs, Employees, Overhead Expenses, Business Operations, Job Costing

Grows and customizes to your business







Budget and Estimate Spreadsheet

Bookkeeping for Contractors Spreadsheet

Fully Customizable to Your Business' Needs

Job Overview Screen Shows Profitability on Each Job

Profit and Loss Statement is Completely Automated

Expense Tracking to Know Where Your Money is Going

Income Tracking to Understand What Services are Making the Most Money

Organize Your Bank Accounts


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?

This spreadsheet was created for my hardscaping business, though it can be adapted for any contractor / service based business that includes overhead expenses, labor rates, and material costs that are factored into the final price of a project. This is for the business owner that is not ready or willing to invest an expensive monthly cost that comes with software that will do what this spreadsheet can do for you.

What is included?

This is a spreadsheet that is delivered in an Excel format which can then be adapted into a Google Sheet to allow you to access it wherever you have internet access. The spreadsheet allows you to input your overhead expenses, employees and their wages, materials and their costs, and your production rates to be able to quickly estimate a job and ensure that your total estimate number will recover your costs of doing business while also earning money for your business to grow.

What is not included?

This is a one-time flat fee rate for this spreadsheet and not a monthly software subscription. We cannot offer 24/7 support, though our How-To video series will help set up and use the spreadsheet and we are happy to answer any questions you may have. The spreadsheet will involve some data entry of materials and their costs that is not offered. The spreadsheet does not include production rate tracking, customer relationship manager, or any QuickBooks integration.

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