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How to Remove Paint from Pavers

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It is never an ideal scenario to have a stain appear on your paver project. After the monetary investment as well as the time investment that goes into one of these projects, having something leave a stain on your project is not a great feeling. Especially if that stain is paint. Something that is easily to spill on any surface. Luckily there is a cleaner for these easy to spill products that are likely to stain paver projects and they are fairly easy to use.

How to Get Paint Off Patio Slabs, Pavers, or Other Concrete

The best case scenario with any stain is that you have some extra pavers stored from when the project was first installed. These can remain as backups just in case something does not go according to plan or the stain is unable to be removed after application. It is important to have some extras because manufacturers from time-to-time will discontinue some of their products or color blends. It can be extremely frustrating trying to find a discontinued product in order to replace some stones. Though this may not be an option and even if you have some extra pavers, you may want to opt to try and clean a stain off of your pavers first anyways.

In order to remove a paint stain from the surface of your project, you will need to purchase and apply a paint remover to the stain. This can be found at most hardscape suppliers that will sell cleaning and sealing products. It is also an easy to use product that works well to remove paint stains.


How to Get Paint Off Pavers

It is important before you use any product that you refer to the instructions on the container. There may be some differences between the instructions on the product that you have and the ones below. These are meant for a guide so that you understand generally what you are getting into. However, to ensure the proper use of the product and the removal of the stain you should always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions.

It is important to note that a paint remover will likely dissolve sealants. It should be used in dry conditions and it will have a specific temperature range to be able to use it in. Do not allow the product to dry onto the surface of the pavement. You will need a pair of rubber gloves and goggles to protect yourself while applying this product and a hard bristle brush for scrubbing the product.

Prior to continuing to the steps below, try testing the product on a small portion of the stain before applying to the entire stain. This will help you see how the product reacts to the surface of your pavers and how it will work to remove the stain. It does not make sense to continue trying to clean the entire stain if it is stubborn and the cleaner does not seem to be working appropriately. Additionally if there is a reaction to the surface of the pavers, it is best to notice that adverse reaction on just one paving stone trying to clean a small portion of the paint stain. Once you have tested the product and you are satisfied with the results, you can continue with these steps on the entire stain.

  1. Apply the product to the stain and let it soak for 5 minutes.
  2. Apply the product again and immediately scrub it with a hard bristle brush.
  3. Repeat these steps until the stain has dissolved.
  4. Rinse the area thoroughly with water.


How to Remove Tar from Pavers

If you have a tar or rubber stain on your project, this same product can be used with the same process in order to remove those marks and stains as well. To be sure that you can use the same paint remover on these marks and stains, refer to the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines with their product that you purchase.

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