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Every week we release an episode on the How to Hardscape Podcast to help support and build up our industry and others that want to join the hardscape industry. We are dedicated to helping you start and grow your business. Whether you are a hardscaper, landscaper, or really a home service contractor of any sort, this podcast is going to help your business thrive through interviews with leading experts in the industry.

Topics range from installation and tools to improve efficiency to business operations and improving your business’ bottom line. We bring on industry leaders and professionals to provide you with the most value possible for each episode. Landscaping companies, home service contractors, lawn care specialists, and construction companies alike will benefit from listening in to these topics. In addition to that, we cover several of these topics in written form on our website.

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Want to send in a question, thoughts, comments, or suggestions? You can record it below and we will feature it on a future episode!

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