In-Person Consultation Package

In-Person Consultation Package



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What is Included

  1. Initial Design Consultation
  2. Together on a Zoom call, we will ask you questions to provide you with some product recommendations and begin to put a design together that will work for your functionally and aesthetically.

  3. Scale Design and In-Person Consultation Available for Greater Toronto Area
  4. This will be a 2D and 3D design that will incorporate the material (as long as the manufacturer has design-ready product swatches) so that you can visualize your space before you begin to build it.

  5. Material Takeoff
  6. We will provide you with a detailed list of what you will need to order for materials including pavers, aggregates, edge restraint, and jointing compound.

  7. Phone Number
  8. How to Hardscape’s phone number so that you can call or text information throughout the build process to ask whatever questions that you may have.

  9. Installation Courses ($398 Value)
  10. We have thorough installation courses for the installation of pavers and retaining wall structures that are included in this package.


What We Need From You

  • Your Address
  • This will help us search for your residence on Google Earth to see what we are working with as a birds-eye-view.

  • Photos from Four Corners of Your Space
  • This will help us contextualize your space and begin to help with the design.

  • Inspiration
  • If you have photos of inspiration, send them to us. Otherwise, we will figure this out together.

  • Measurements
  • If you send the measurements of your space, we can create a material list including the square footage of products, aggregates, amount of soil that will be excavated, edge restraint, and jointing compound.


Who is This For (and Not For)?

The homeowner that wants to take on a project for themselves, but needs some professional help to ensure they are stepping in the right direction and can complete a project as efficiently and effectively as possible.

This is not a design service for outdoor living spaces. Unfortunately due to the virtual nature of this service, we are restricted to simple paver projects only perhaps with a simple feature such as a seat wall.

If you are located in the Greater Toronto Area and require an outdoor living space design, we do have that option available as well.