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You want accurate bookkeeping, and financial statements every month, instead you’re often left with limited time to focus on the accounting side of your business and no reports to show for it. At Cycle CPA, they not only handle the bookkeeping, but also provide landscape & hardscape industry benchmarking, job costing, financials by service line, advisory meetings, and much more. Cycle CPA’s team of accountants can do anything from bookkeeping to CFO services, and they are specialized within the hardscape & landscape industry. Visit, and for $200 off mention the How to Hardscape Podcast.


BOLD is the best outdoor lighting solution for North American professionals. We’re elevating outdoor spaces through modern innovative lighting solutions. Purpose-built alongside our customers, our cutting-edge portfolio of products has been designed to meet the needs of the North American market and climate.


Alliance Gator is the manufacturer of a wide variety of hardscape installation materials including polymeric sands and other jointing compounds, cleaners, sealers, binders, concrete and plastic edge restraints, and Gator Base. Their wide range of jointing compounds suit any application. Cleaners and sealers help to keep hardscapes looking pristine. And their Gator Base product helps to reduce the amount of labor involved in preparing the base of a project. They continue to innovate and introduce new products into the market that add more tools in our toolbox including Xtreme Edge, a concrete edge restraint, and Nitro, a permeable jointing compound.


iQ Power Tools began by building tools to solve its own jobsite dust problems. Fast-forward to today, the company continues to combine intensive research and industry knowledge, with a completely updated approach. The result? Innovative tools that eliminate dust and water while creating a more efficient workforce. iQ Power Tools envisions a future where their innovation helps create a 100% dust-free environment: jobsites are safer, work practices are healthier and the construction industry becomes even more sustainable.


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