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Best Phone Cases for Construction Workers

phone cases for construction workers

As a construction worker or a contractor, your phone is one of the most important tools you have on you. You need to be connected at all times to keep operations running smoothly at the job site. Whether you need to stay connected with clients, your boss, your suppliers or your crew, it is so critical that your phone is with you at all times. But what if something happens to your phone? On a job site you are dealing with a lot of potential hazards that can crush, scratch and damage your phone. You need to keep it protected otherwise it can turn a normal day on the job to a terrible, costly day on the job. That is why you need a solid and reliable phone case that will protect your phone from serious damage that can render it useless.

Best Construction Phone Cases

Not all phone cases are created equally. And it is arguable that the vast majority of phone cases that are out there on the market are cheaply made and serve no other function other than aesthetics. But having a pretty phone doesn’t really help you much when you drop it and the screen breaks. Some phone cases will claim to protect your phone but only offer a thin, easily breakable plastic shell. As someone who works in the construction industry, you are gonna need something better to protect your phone. You will need a phone case that will stop any sort of damage to your device such as cracks, dents or potentially complete destruction. So what are some of the best phone cases for construction workers?


One of the indisputable leaders of the phone case industry. Otterbox has been on top of the premium phone case business for a reason. Their product is incredible. Not only do their phone cases actually protect your phone, but they look good too. They carry cases for most phone brands and have a variety of different product lines.

Our personal favorite for construction workers are the defender series cases. It comes with port covers which protect your charging ports from dust and debris. Its case also has two layers for added protection. Most of the defender series cases come with a belt-clip holster as well for easy access to your phone. On top of all this, it is backed by a limited lifetime warranty. If your Otterbox case breaks, they will replace it. If you currently have an inadequate phone case or no phone case at all, give one of these a try and you’ll notice how well they protect your phone.

Casetify Bounce Series

Casetify’s strength is in their durability and customizability. You can get their products in a variety of different colors and designs. You can even get your name or your company’s name printed onto the back of your phone case. The other cool feature about their bounce case in particular is that most come with the ability for wireless charging with most phones. They also boast a 21.3 foot drop protection for their iPhone case. Their bounce case has these bounce pads on the corners of the case which absorb the impact of a drop and save you from damaging your valuable smartphone.

Spigen Phone Cases

Spigen has a variety of different types of phone cases that are designed to take a beating. Their tough armor line is one of our favorites because of its many key features. One of them being it’s MagSafe compatibility which enables wireless charging without having to remove your phone case. It also has a built in kickstand which is just another added on bonus. Not to mention it’s military grade protection that they claim. Raised edges around the screen and camera lenses also help protect the vital components of your phone.

Importance of screen protectors

Screen protectors are also extremely important in upholding the condition of your phone. Cracks in your screen can make your phone useless if they’re severe enough. So a great way to prevent this from happening is by purchasing a quality screen protector. Much like phone cases, there are a lot of screen protectors on the market that are nothing more than thin, cheap, fragile pieces of glass that provide next to no protection against damage to your phone screen.

So buying a quality screen protector is key. The main thing to look for is tempered glass. This is what will protect your screen the best as it will absorb any of the damage that your screen takes and although the protector will probably crack, your screen shouldn’t. Putting on a protector can be a bit of a tough task, but there are a lot of brands out there that provide simple installation kits. One of the best brands that does this is Spigen. They have a unique tray that guides the screen protector onto your screen and properly aligns it so your phone case can fit correctly.

Construction workers need a phone case that can provide dependable protection against the hazards that you can face on the job site. Otterbox, the Casetify Bounce Series, and Spigen phone cases are all great options that will make sure that your investment is safe and taken care of. These phone cases all offer multiple layers of protection and are much more rugged than their dollar store counterparts. Pairing these phone cases with a solid screen protector will give your phone military grade protection. When you inevitably do end up dropping your phone, close a door on it, or knock it off a work bench… you will be grateful that you took our advice on purchasing one of these cases.

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