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Landscaping Companies Hiring Near Me

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A landscaping career can offer a variety of different paths. From being in the field to designing in the office, selling projects to managing them, there is an evolving list of job titles that you can work your way into in this industry.

The industry itself continues to grow, especially recently with more clients seeking out professionals to take care of their outdoor spaces to ensure that they can enjoy them. The industry continues to adapt to that demand and with that comes opportunity for those seeking out work in the industry.

If you are looking to get hired in the landscaping industry, we have the perfect place for you to search for your next career path.

Landscape Job Boards

Check out the How to Hardscape Job Board to potentially find landscape companies hiring for positions that you are interested in within your area. Browse by location and job position to see what the various positions are and easily apply by emailing, messaging, or sending your resume.

You can make this process even easier by creating a candidate profile and complete the profile by adding your resume. You can then quickly apply to job listings as they come available. This also allows companies to seek you out if you allow them to view your profile publicly. This can be a great way to get greater exposure to the industry and find the best job that will work for you.

Of course, it never hurts to find other industry-specific job boards when looking for a career in landscaping. Check any local colleges that offer a horticultural landscaping program or landscape organizations to see if they have a job board or opportunities for employment.

You can also continue that search through a variety of general job boards or by reaching out directly to a specific local landscape company that you may have in mind to see what opportunities are available.

Companies in the landscape industry are more than happy to hire good employees into their businesses and would be happy to have you if you are driven and enthusiastic about the industry. Remember that most employers are looking to hire for attitude and not for skills. Landscapers can be taught skills, but finding someone with the right attitude is worth more than the cost in teaching you those skills.

Try to make your resume concise yet detailed to show the potential employer who you are as a person. It helps to customize your resume and / or cover letter to each job that you apply to. Find specific phrases that they use in their job descriptions and include parts of those phrases or the ideas that those phrases are covering. By doing so, companies will see that you are not only what they are looking for but also that you are detail-oriented in creating your resume.

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